About Us


World Network for Sustainable Change- (WONESU)


World Network for Sustainable Change- (WONESU)  is a registered Non-Governmental  Organization (NGO) in Kenya. Our areas of operations include  Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay, and Nyamira Counties.

To effectively achieve our objectives we have actively partnered with like-minded organizations in the government, Non-Governmental, Faith-based, community-based and local leaders in Kenya.

Our current programs are funded through donations from: Foerderverein Watoto: Afrikas starke Kinder e.V and German Regional Scouts Association (Bund deutsher PfadfinderInnen (BdP) Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz) all based in Germany.


Vision, Mission & Values


To improve access to education that unlocks the potential in African youth, while also seeking to provide the first step to development through food security


Together we can realize the key to sustainable development: achieve universal access to effective education & food security


We do exactly what’s needed, where it’s needed. This often means breaking the mould and seeking community-driven solutions.


Support our programs today in either Education or Agriculture

Board of Directors

WONESU is governed by Board of Directors who iclude:

Tabu Anginyah Jairo

Grace Adhiambo Adoyo

Fredrick Ochieng Mariwa

Truphena Agutu Oyola

Jeremy Oloo Zedekiah

George Kula Obara

Berlyne Achieng Ndolo

Advisers To The Board

The Advisers advise the Board

Christoph Weber

Wiebke Spiess

Steffen Bauer

Heike Hoffler

Our Programs

Partners with schools; Ogango, Kodiaga, Manyatta Arab, Usoma, Ragumo, Ngege and Kudho Primary Schools.

  • Provision of school feeding to 4000 children
  • Provision of school uniforms to pupils in our partner schools
  • Nursery art; provision materials for drawing, coloring, painting, and molding, playing and learning with toys sessions to over 200 children in Kudho and Manyatta Arab Nursery school sections.
  • Adolescent boys and girls’ mentorship ( 200 girls, 200 boys aged 9-17 year olds); Manyatta Arab and Kudho Primary Schools- weekly open forums for discussions on topics outlined in Adolescents mentorship curriculum,  Training , demonstration and monthly distribution of sanitary towels- (both disposable/ reusable pads), Invitation of guest speakers from health department to shed more light on topics related to adolescent reproductive health, HIV/AIDS. Strengthening guidance and counseling departments in our partner schools through active involvement of teachers,   meetings (teachers and WONESU adolescent mentors) to discuss and find solutions for emerging issues (adolescents),  Training for adolescent parents/ guardians on skill full parenting techniques
  • Networking, Advocacy and Collaboration: Create Awareness on children rights and protection; participate in World Orphans Day and Day of African Child celebrations in partnership with Area Advisory Councils- AAC, Kisumu East, Kisumu Central and Kisumu West Sub Counties. AAC comprise of NGOs, CBOs, FBO, Government departments of children, security, community leaders.

Implemented in Korando Area, Kisumu West Sub County and targeting 62 beneficiaries (Five groups)

2.1. Livestock Production

  • Purchased and provided four toggenburg bucks to 5 groups
  • Constructed  crush pens across Korando groups
  • Purchased and provided local does to our beneficiaries; have since received F1 generations of goats (first kid between pure and local does)
  • Purchased and provided cuttings: nappier grass, mulberry, gliricidia and seeds of molato grass, desmodium, caliandra, sesbania, bomarodges grass and potato vines
  • Rabbit Production (Newzealand White Specie)
  • Poultry Production – Local Poultry & Rainbow Rooster breeds

2.2. Crop production:

  • Local Vegetables
  • Pumpkin Production
  • Fruits Production: Tissue cultured bananas, Passion Fruits, Pawpaws & Grafted Mangoes

2.3  Group Savings & Loaning Schemes

As a result, the following ongoing interventions are our beneficiary groups’ own initiatives.

  • Local poultry production across the groups
  • Savings and loaning scheme